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Blogging In Meetups

Bringing Bloggers & Content Creators Together In Person To Network, Learn & Inspire
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Blogging In Meetups are in-person events that are held in different cities around the world. The goal of these meetups is to bring together bloggers, vloggers, and content creators to network, inspire each other, and learn about all the nitty-gritty details of blogging.

I’m Stephanie Linder and I founded Blogging In Meetups.

The meetups first began when I moved from Chicago to Medellín Colombia and started a blog.  I quickly realized how HARD blogging is and how little I knew.  So, I decided to start Blogging In Meetups to get bloggers and content creators off the computer screen to meet each other in person in a casual and stress-free environment. 

The meetups have now grown to occasionally feature guest speakers on various subject matters.  We now have meetups in Medellin, Colombia & The Riveria Maya. 


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“I loved going to Stephanie’s meetups, not only to meet other people but to find out what other people were doing, and learn a few tips and tricks of the industry. I highly recommend her meetups and look forward to going to a new one in a new city.” Kim Roberts

“Stephanie Linder brilliantly put together a series of amazing meetups in Medellin that were above my expectations. I met so many incredible people at the meetups that she organized who will be in my life for a very long time. Thank you Stephanie.” Alice Ko

“I really loved the meetups. They gave me an opportunity to meet people and make friends with people who work in a similar industry to me. And it also gave me the opportunity to make work contacts which is something you don’t get from online meetups.” Sophie Bellamy


Peak Into Our Last Blogging In Meetup in Medellin, Colombia

Blogging In Medellin Meetup - 1/22/19








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We are open to feedback, new ideas, collaborations & suggestion on future cities 🙂